ONTARS VE3ISX visit to
Fantasy Flight Simulators
Burlington, ON.

Photos courtesy of VE3ISX Barry
July 2015

Fantasy Flight Simulators is proud to make our state of the art advanced
fixed based 737 900 NG simulator available to the general public and active or retired pilots.
By appointment only...
Call us:  Office: 905 631 7171 or Brian at  905 320 9214
Visit Us:    3365 Harvester Rd #201 Burlington, ON L7N 3M8

Captain Brian Nero owner/instructor Fantasty Flight Simulators

A typical simulation of this type is usually $1000 per hour.
Check our rates starting at just $75/hour for a 1/2 hour site seeing flight aboard the 737 ultra modern jet airliner!
The Burlington, ON simulator is the only one of its kind in the Halton and Hamilton area.
Aspiring pilots can take off and land from 24,000 airports worldwide.
The simulator replicates turbulence, emergency situations, such as engines failure or weather disasters.

Barry and Judy Lisoweski (VE3ISX ONTARS net manager) after a successful landing!
Barry is an experienced Flight Sim X pilot!
Judy was tasked with "flaps" and "landing gear" during takeoff and landing.

Realistic, fully functional aircraft controls, plus comfortable aircraft seats make this a truly exciting experience.
The high definition wrap around visual displays make it as real as being there without leaving the ground!


Mention ONTARS Ham Radio
when calling Brian!
Telephone:  905 320 9214

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