Iroquois Amateur Radio Fleamarket
2 April 2011

Bill Shearing, VE3UTG, who was recently awarded his amateur radio licence, is shown at the
Fifteenth Annual IARC Flea Market in Iroquois where,
club President Mike Pinfold, VA3TUF, presented Bill with a Certificate of Appreciation for his many years of outstanding support to the Iroquois Amateur Radio Club.

Bill Shearing is the Emergency Management  coordinator for five Townships surrounding the city of Cornwall.
Bill was responsible for getting grants for two repeaters , two base stations and four hand helds for use in
Emergency situations long before he got his ticket. We ran a course for new hams in conjunction with the Cornwall club The Seaway Valley Amateur Radio . They provided a bevy of excellent instructors and Bill took the course and passed the exam to get his licence on March 3rd of this year.

Now some pictures from the event courtesy of Mike VA3TUF

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