St. Catharines Fleamarket
6 February 2010

Photos courtesy of Bill  VE3KYC   Barry VE3ISX   Larry  VE3GIO  Karen  VA3NOW

Congratuations to the team at the Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club
for a very professional event!

Huge crowd and plenty of great deals!

Bob   VE3HNH working the reception at the fleamarket...also one of our ONTARS controllers!

Fred  VE3GCP  Hamilton Amateur Radio Club

VA3AYG   Arnold  Ontars Net Controller

Gerry  VA3GAK    Gerry  VE3COP  Angelo  VA3ACO   Pat  VE3ZP   Barry VE3ISX   Bill  VE3KYC

VE3COP   Gerry ONTARS Net controller ..."give this man a beer"

Barry  VE3ISX  Ontars Net Manager

Karen VA3NOW taking pictures

Most of the gang ready for lunch.

More from Karen's super sharp camera

Gerry  VA3GAK  forground  and  James  VA3IJS placing their orders


Larry  VA3RSQ with Karl  VA3KBK

Rick  VA3AGX and Marc  VA3SDF in action

Dave  VE3GBU

Duncan VA3YRU

Nice work Karen with the call sign inserts and names!

Gerry VE3COP with XYL  Karen

Norm  VE3NLH  and Victoria VA3VJS

Dennis  VA3DLT

Gerry VE3COP  ONTARS Net Controller with Pat VE3ZP ONTARS Net Controller

Walt   VE3NQM

Denny  VE3ONG

Ritch  KA9DVL

Larry  VE3GIO  ONTARS Net controller

Pat  VE3ZP with Gwen XYL (VE3KYC)  and  Judy XYL (VE3ISX)

Rick   VE3NUZ  representing The Salvation Army

Rick  VE3ROC

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