A special request from
VE3VS  Doug
RE: "Qualify" Kilmarnock  Island

Saturday 15th September 2018

 A small group of us will be making an attempt to "qualify" Kilmarnock Island,
as being "an Island on the air", Saturday  15th September 2018.
         We are Doug - VE3VS,  and  Heather - VE3HQH

Doug writes:

"The Activation & Qualification of Kilmarnock Island  Saturday, September 15, 2018

Attempting the activation – Doug,  VE3VS  with Heather, VE3HQH
Expected activation number – ON-305

The island is located along the Rideau River and canal system in the Smiths Falls district.

Access to the island is by causeway and a swing bridge, about 12 metres in length.

Co-ordinates at the operating location are about 44.52 degrees North and 75.56 degrees West

We are planning to arrive and setup our station early on Saturday, 15th September.

Time of day is an unknown – but hopefully from around 9 am until early afternoon.

Operation is planned for 40 metres and 20 metres sideband
We plan to chose frequencies which are not occupied by nets.

Listen for us on 40 metres 7.125 to 7.140 MHz  and  7.225 to 7.235 MHz
On 20 metres we plan to work between 14.210 and 14.230 MHz

We look forward to having contacts with many Ontario stations,
including those who operate on the ONTARS Net and the Trans Provincial Net

For us to be successful in our attempt to “Activate and Qualify” the island
we must work at least twenty-five ( 25 ) stations in more than one country,
  so we will also be working several USA stations, and/or DX stations

Please listen for us and give us a call

         We plan to use my call - VE3VS for the attempt.

We need to make at least 25 contacts, at least one of which must be other than Canadian stations to qualify for the activation."
         Doug - VE3VS

Thank you ONTARS for this announcement.