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For sale: VA3UJ "ESTATE SALE" items
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Date Posted: 01/08/2017
Expires On: 04/08/2017
Ad Number: 1825

Ad Information
Category: Amateur Radio & Electronics
Subcategories: Amateur Transceivers
Price As priced
New/Used Used
For Sale By Licensed Amateur
The following is a FULL LIST of all of Uncle Joe's (VA3UJ) equipment for sale to date.


HEATHKIT SB-230 LINEAR AMP-This amp has been modified to take a single Russian GI-7B tube. Amp keying has been modified from the stock 110V to 12V @ 70 ma. A countdown timer has been installed to allow filament warmup before application of B+. Status lamp system has been removed; a new changeover relay has been installed; two small 12V power supplies have been added for relay control. A cooling fan has been added to the rear panel. RF components are stock but additional loading capacitance is required on both 80 and 40 because of the difference in tube characteristics from the stock 8873.
The amp has been tested on all bands and currently produces about 450W PEP on all bands. Currently, idle plate current is fixed at about 10 ma and is too low...this can be fixed by changing out the zener. Changing idle current and adding load capacitance on 80 and 40 will raise power output to well over 500W.

This amp is a "work in progress"-Joe was unable to fully complete the rework before he passed. Selling with spare GI7-B tube (supposed to be tested good). Schematic and "manual" (such as it is) are both available on the web.

Asking $350 NO SHIPPING at this time

HEATHKIT SB-200 AMPLIFIER-This amp has also been converted to Russian GI7-B tubes employing an external power supply (2400V @ 1A). This amp is UNTESTED by VE3NH because the HV cabling from power supply to amp does not employ industry standard wire and HV connectors. Joe did have this unit on the air before he passed and called in to ONTARS many mornings running about 800W PEP which he indicated was "loafing along". Inspection reveals that the RF deck is pretty well stock except for the tube change. This amp should be inspected prior to purchase-it will probably require either manual or automatic HV delay and some additional loading capacitance may be required. Looking for $275. Additonal GI7-B tubes are available for $25-35.

Power supply board complete from SB-200 linear amplifier. Caps and diodes test good. Little sign of heating of the board. Meter resistor has been replaced as have balancing resistors across the caps. In very good condition. $20

Heathkit SB-200 power transformer removed from working amplifier (above). Good condition. $45 pickup only at this time

ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS-Nippon Chemi-Con 470 mfd @ 450V. Brand new, Qty of 6 $25

GI-7B TUBE SOCKETS-Two brand new beautifully crafted sockets for the Russian GI-7B tube. $60 for the pair

ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS-Phillips #2731-689-0 530 mfd @ 450V. These are NOS, tested no shorts or opens. Qty of 6 $15
KENWOOD AT-200 antenna tuner, clean, tested, working, cosmetics about 9 (small rust spot lower right side, slight rust trace cabinet edge front top) $90 OBO

AMPLIFIER-US Military model AM1180/GRC covering 50-100 mhz and employing a single 4X150A. No power supply, well built, compact, easily modified. $20

MIRAGE WM-2 VHF wattmeter-"sort of" works...meter reads a bit on some scales but will not adjust properly. Possible chip bad on board...adjust pots are all good. Technician special. $20

Andrew L5NF connector-NEW in box- for LDF-5 cable-$30

6DQ6 matched pair test 100%-$10
6LW6 matched quad-test 100%-$40
1625 single tube-test 100%-$7
6LB6 single tube-test 100%-$7

SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY-rugged commercial unit made by MW. Output variable 10-15 volts at 26 amps. Input 115 or 230 volts. Built into a Hammond case with volt and amp meters and a cigar lighter jack. Works well, tested on air with 100W rig on SSB + CW. $100 OBO (can bring to Big Event Feb 4)

HUSTLER/NEWTRONICS HF MOBILE ANTENNA-This consists of an 8 uh coil wound on a robust form inserted into an MO-1 folding base between the 3/8 stud mounting and the rest of the mast. Very professionally done. The following Hustler resonators which attach to the top of the folding mast are included: RM-10S, RM-7, RM-20. There is also a modified resonator similar in size to the RM-7. All resonators test good continuity. Complete system $75 OBO

PRO-AM 20M resonator PHF-20-tested-$10

HUSTLER/NEWTRONICS HF mobile antenna-a Hustler MO-1 folding base mounted on a heavy-duty magnet mount system (three magnets) and topped by a Hustler RM75 resonator for 75M. $65 OBO

NATIONAL variable capacitor
175 mfd @ 3000V $10

SOLD PENDING FUNDS-RG-213 COAX CABLE-Aapprox 85 ft of new cable by ECI Electrocom. Ths is what was left on a reel. $45 (pick up only)

HEATHKIT model 1250 solid state "grid" dip oscillator. Tested and working, with complete set of coils in original case $35

DIGI WAVE SATELLITE FINDER-deluxe version with cables and adaptes in original case. $15

MAPLE LEAF COMMUNICATIONS 4:1 balun model BAL-4:1WBSS covering 80-6 meters, new in sealed package. $30

WIREWORKS TDR remote cable tester for coax, LAN, parallel wire, etc. Nearly new, working, in original leather pouch.

TIGERTRONICS Signalink USB in like-new condition with computer cable and manual. Tested on my station and working. $75

COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALISTS TS-32 universal tone encoder. May be NOS, untested. This one mounted on a rack card for use in a base station or repeater. With manual $15

LOW PASS SINGLE BAND FILTERS-One by Bud and three by Radio Society of Ontario and manufactured by Taylor Communications Mfg. Great adjustable filters with 6 adjustable stages. Two for 80M and two for 40M. $5 each

Contact Information
Contact: Bill VE3NH
Location: AILSA CRAIG, Ontario
E-Mail: Reply to Ad
Web Site:

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