Dated:  28th February 2017

Haven't heard a familiar call sign on the ONTARS net for a while?
Does that operator live on their own?
Has there been a health issue that suddenly developed?
Does the family know whom to contact regarding Industry Canada nofication
in the case of a Silent Key?

Introducing the ONTARS Lifeline

   Lifeline will keep the amateur community advised of your well-being to the ONTARS membership via amateur radio.
   Your written details left at your station will assist your spouse/caregiver as to what to do next in case of emergency or Silent Key.
   You designate your Lifeline amateur "buddy" who will be the liason back to the ONTARS net and the family.
  Our Station Lifeline form will provide a contact "buddy"  telephone number or email address for reporting the status of the amateur.
Any information collected will be kept confidential.

  Here is how the service works.
You designate a Lifeline "buddy" who will share your status in case of emergency with the ONTARS group.
That contact form (see below) information is left either on the wall or at your operating station.
ONTARS will keep this information as well, on file for use by our Manager/Assistant Manager/Emergency Coordinator.

Joseph  VE3???  suddenly is hospitalized after falling off his tower.
He has printed the Lifeline Form  left next to his rig with Lifeline contact phone and email.
Mary, his wife,  should contact the normal 911 emergency first.
Next,  Mary contacts the ONTARS  Lifeline "buddy" to advise Joseph's situation.
Our coordinator will keep this event open until Joseph is back on the air.

William  VA3???  lives alone in his home.
He usually checks in everyday on the ONTARS net, but suddenly falls in the bathroom.
William, has designated a Lifeline "buddy" who registers with us.
ONTARS contacts the buddy as to William's disposition.
Failing that, ONTARS will contact the local police to check on William.
Our coordinator will keep this event open until William is back on the air.

Yes! I agree and would like to participate in the ONTARS Lifeline Program.

  The ONTARS Lifeline Form

      Fill out the above form and check off
 1)    "I agree to above"
                      2 ) "Print the form before sending"
Sign the signature area to complete the printed document.
Post it prominently in your radio room.
 All information remains confidential and will only be used for an actual emergency.

Do you have a question?
Contact the  current ONTARS Lifeline coordinator..VE3ISX


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16 October 2016