Whip Kit Active Antenna Circuit Board
A great addition to your SDR Play or similar receiver.

New for 2020!
Mark has created the Whip Kit II

Mark VE3FEX has a newly redesigned compact receive only antenna that is perfect for your SDR
receiver or conventional HF Transceiver.
The printed circuit board for the Whip Kit  II amplified antenna now includes surface mount parts.

A full populated and tested product is available less power supply and enclosure.
Same circuit as the original
Smaller size.
Rugged soldered on connectors
Screw terminal strip for power connection.
100% tested
Price: CAD$50.00 including HST and shipping in Canada.

The original Whip Kit bare circuit board.

Also - I still have the original bare boards for sale for those who wish to "Roll Their Own " while supplies last.
Price for the bare board is still CAD$15.00

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Board only  $15.00 delivered anywhere in Canada
New! Whip Kit II Assembled populated board and tested just $50 including HST shipped in Canada
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