"Hams helping Hams"
A special project managed by Richard VE3OZW

ONTARS presents Hams Helping Hams
Need some technical assistance with your amateur radio setup OR are you willing
and able to help a fellow ham set up or improve their shack?

On many days, ONTARS members are heard discussing tips or tricks to improve
their signal, audio or station in general. Many of us have experience in many
different areas and in the spirit of amateur radio, we can help each other.
Whether it be an audio setting, antenna tips, computer assistance, hardware
knowledge and reviews, operating tips etc.

I propose a program to connect hams that are experiencing difficulties
with hams that have experience.

1. If you are experiencing something that you need help with, send me an email
describing your problem and I will look to find someone that may be able to help.

2. If you are   the  type of person that enjoys helping others, send me an email
outlining some of the areas that you are experienced in.

This is not meant to be a full technical service for $$$. This is Hams helping Hams!
As hams we can assist each other to improve our stations.
If you are experiencing a problem you will have to do the work
with some advice from a fellow ham.

Let's talk.....

Click above to send Richard an email request or volunteer.