VE3BQH John  Rebuild
30th January 2021

Special thanks to Sam VE3ZSZ for alerting the ONTARS group to
the special Go Fund Me campaign.

You can help! Click the banner above.
Ontario hams are pitching in right now.
The numbers are growing!

On Saturday January 9th, John MacKay  woke up to his home fully engulfed in flames.
He has lost everything including his beloved cat Barney.
John's home was not insured and he is hoping to rebuild a small cabin on the existing property.
Please consider donating to help John rebuild his life.

This video is in .mov  format and should play on most computers/mobile devices.

30th January 2021 Update
From Sam VE3ZSZ....
"John is currently with his daughter Beth in a cottage near the main house.
He is warm and being well looked after by the family.
Contributions of supplies and clothing have arrived with thanks.
They are waiting for spring to organize the reconstruction of John's cottage."

In true ONTARS family reaction, Mike VE3QSK
has offered to spear head the relief program by offering to transport
whatever you can donate to John.

15th and 16th January 2021 he picked up useful household items, electronics, folding chairs
and necessary items to help rebuild from the Hamilton area.
He picked up solar panel, battery, boots, winter jackets and other supplies from John VE3OMA and VE3APF...thanks guys.

He writes:
After a discussion with John and his friend TJ, the list of things is wide open.
John is clearly overwhelmed and canít think clearly about what he needs after loosing everything.
He has 2 sweaters, 1 pair of pants (size 30), 1 shoes, 1 boots.
His daughter brought a coat, canned soup, and paper products.
I will call again in a few days for an update on his immediate needs.
Johnís new accommodations will be limited based on space.
Possibly 16íx16í so we are looking for things aligned with that space.
Here is what he needs:

Chairs and or love seat.
Dresser for clothing
Folding chairs/table would be good for efficiency.
Futon or single bed
Inverter, Batteries, solar panels, wire, connectors etc.
VHF and HF equipment, coax, etc etc.
Walking sticks - (Mike QSK)
TV Tower - (Mike QSK)
Fan (12V and or AC)
Kitchen supplies, Dishes, cups, mugs, utensils
Pots, pans, steamers, sive,
BBQ and tank - (Mike QSK)
Tools, shovel, rake, hardware,
Etc, etc.

John has garage/ barn storage however it is possibly damp and obviously cold.
Mice would be an issue for anything fabric at this point.
They have 3í of snow so there are some challenges with access.

Building material would also be appreciated. Both sonís are handy and will be involved with the rebuild.
We are looking to collect things and then transport them to South River in a few weeks.
Johnís daughter ďBethĒ is East of Toronto in the Coburg area (905-355-2861).
I am in North Burlington. (289-208-5253)

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