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 The SDR MonitorAudio Switch

This is the accessory that you have been waiting for!
If you are a net controller struggling with high noise levels
that require you to use distant SDR stations, your wait is over.

New for 2023!
The SDR/monitor audio switch will eliminate the audio echo
coming back from the SDR station while you operate your net.

Product Description

Tired of listening to a remote SDR signals echoing in your ear when you
transmit?  Wouldn't you rather be able to automatically switch to your rig's
monitor audio and hear yourself talking without echos or time delays?

The new SDR / Monitor Audio Switch will eliminate this problem!
You can manually select the audio source you hear
in your headphones using the front panel switch.
( Your own receiver or a remote SDR audio feed )

When you hit the push to talk switch to trasmit, the audio will switch to
your rig's transmit monitor audio. No more echos. Release the PTT and
you will hear the audio feed selected with the front panel switch.
( Your  local receive audio or remote SDR ).

The SDR / Monitor Audio Switch is built on a quality double sided printed
circuit board using brand name components. ( Murata, Panasonic, CUI,
ON Semi, Switchcraft, and E-Switch ) It is housed in a rugged extruded
aluminum case with laser etched text that will never wear out. It can be
powered with any voltage from 7 to 16 volts AC or DC of any polarity.
Rear panel ground lug is included  to keep stray RF away from your audio signals.

Connection requirements:

PTT input and output:  Standard 1/4" male phone plugs.
Audio inputs: 3.5mm stereo or mono male phone plugs
Power input: 2.1mm coaxial power plug.
Headphones output: 3.5 mm male phone plug.

Listen to Wain VE3DX during a solar event ....recorded using the VE3FEX SDR/monitor switch.
First few seconds is LOCAL receiver from transceiver.
Lastly a much stronger and clear signal from SDR station  K3FEF.

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