Anniversary Update: 9th January 2023

Sunday 8th January 2023 - 51st Anniversary
controller roster and history of ONTARS net managers.

Let us remember the following SK controllers:
VE3PSV: Shawn
VA3OU: Hart

Thanks to all concerned our controllers received 777 checkins duriing the 11 hours.
Band conditions were what they were...great job everyone..

Thanks to Richard VE3OZW our Assistant Net Manager for his help in the preparations.

ONTARS 51st Anniversary Controller Matrix

ONTARS 51st Anniversary Net Control Schedule
Ontario Amateur Radio Service CALLSIGN OPERATOR
7:00 am WB2KAO Tim - 31
7:30 am WB3JIA Bill 49 - 80
8:00 am VA3GS Grace 46-126
8:30 am VE3IJD Gene 45-171
9:00 am VA3RCA Kevin 53 - 224
9:30 am VE3CZ Linda 35 - 259
10:00 am VE3ZSZ Sam 27 - 286
10:30 am VE3KCY Ken 36 - 322
11:00 am VE3EI Dave 27 - 349
11:30 am VA3RE Mark 25 - 374
12:00 am VA3DV Vince 26 - 400
12:30 am VE3CAK John Henry 30-430
1:00 pm VE3EBM Dave 24 - 454
1:30 pm VE3AXT Paul 16 - 470
2:00 pm VA3QW Dennis 26- 512
2:30 pm VE3FJN Colin 22 - 534
3:00 pm VE3ISX Barry 37 - 561
3:30 pm VE3OZW Richard 37 - 598
4:00 pm VA3UP Scott 42 - 640
4:30 pm VE3LAD Rick 40 - 680
5:00 pm VE3CMM Mike 44- 724
5:30 pm VE3GIO Larry 53 - 777
Each controller will operate for 1/2 hour

 ONTARS Net Manager History - 1972 to 2022 
Call Sign
Net Manager
VE3BC  Bruce Carveth Toronto
VE3FQV Bill Burchill London
VE3CLK Bill Findlay Port Credit
VE3AQ Morley  Jackson London
VE3FQV Bill Burchill London
VE3HFR Dick Shunn Orillia
VE3LVE Gabrielle Turner London
VE3RM Ross Miller Kingston
VE3RJD Ralph Darlington Magnetawan
VE3PRG Allyn Pollock Jackson's Point
VE3PSV Shawn Gartley Cambridge
VA3OU Hart Bayne Richmond Hill
VE3HMS Ian Cope South River
VE3ISX Barry Lisoweski Hamilton


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